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I.B.M. Ring No 85

Broken Wands

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Broken Wands
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Patsy Murphy
Died 21st October 2010, Dundalk, Ireland.
IBM Number 20365,
Past President of Ring 85 (1992-1994)



John Martin 
Died 28th April 2010, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Past President of Ring 85 (1979-1981)


Wallace Blair

Died 5th August 2009, Bangor, Northern Ireland

 Past Irish Territorial Vice President

Details to follow.


George Bowen

Died 28th January 2008

Cork, Ireland

IBM Number 51409

Born in Taunton, Massachusetts in 1919, George was a long time member of the IBM, and Ring 85, he was also elected an honourary member of the Munster Society of Magicians. One of George's proudest moments was being a founding member of IBM Ring 363 ( the Southern Brotherhood of Magicians), of which he was an honourary life member.

Pat Harbinson

Died 28th March 2007, Craigavon, Northern Ireland

Further details to follow later.

Pat Columba Brennan

IBM number 13380

Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

Died 15th December 2005, Solihull, Birmingham.

Pat was a member of the Irish Ring No 85 and an ‘Order of Merlin’. He was a Past President (1990-1992) and Past Treasurer (2000-2004) of I.B.M. Ring 85 (Ireland). Pat resigned as Treasurer when he moved to England in 2004.

For more details see Linking Ring, July 2006, Page 133

Eric James Pollock

IBM number 20177

Belfast, N Ireland.

Died 29th June 1996

Eric was a member of the Irish Ring No 85 and an ‘Order of Merlin’. He was a Past President (1975-1977) and at the time of his death was I.B.M Ring 85 Treasurer, (a post he had held for ten years) and Vice President.

For more details see Linking Ring, September 1996, Page 152

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