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I.B.M. Ring No 85

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Full Registration *           55.00/€83.50      

Friday 4th May 07             15.00/€23.00         

Saturday 5th May

Excluding Banquet              16.00/€24.50     

Saturday 5th May

 Including Banquet              39.50/€60.00         

Banquet                              26.00/€39.50        

Sunday 6th May

Excluding Gala Show          16.00/€24.50         

Sunday 6th May

Including Gala Show          25.50/€39.00        

* Full Registration - Admission to every event at the Convention All Lectures, Shows, Dealers, Close-Up Sessions, Competitions, Banquet & International Gala Show.

To register for the convention please contact the Registration Officer George Bleeks, on 07860 115611 or at

Click here for a copy of the Register form 

For all other enquiries please contact Paul McEneaney on 07866490381 or at

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