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I.B.M. Ring No 85

Competition Rules and Guidelines

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Throughout the weekend there are competitions for the following trophies and cups.


I.B.M  Shield

Stage Competition - Open to members of the Irish Ring of the IBM.




J Bowden Shield

Close-up Competition - Open to members of any ring of the IBM.



The Eric Pollock Award

This is an Intersociety Award which is awarded to the Irish Society with the highest points accumulated by nominated entrants in the Close-up and Stage Competitions (Max two in each competition).




AP Thursby Shield

Close-up Competition - Open to members of any Irish Magical Society.


J Maire Trophy

Open to members of any Irish Magical Society. Best Comedy item (not an act) during the convention. This is not necessarily an item during one of the organised performances (competitions, gala etc) but can be awarded to an item performed anywhere and at any time during the Convention.




Four Province Shield

Stage Competition - Open to members of any Irish Magical Society. Best act by a non-IBM member.


Murray Trophy for Showmanship

Open to members of any Irish Magical Society


Josie Ward Trophy

Most Promising Young Magician of any Irish Magical Society.


The Gemini Trophy

Best Under 21 Magician. Open to members of any Irish Magical Society.

 Rules and Guidelines  



Rules of the Competitions are as follows:

  • The act presented should be suitable for close-up or stage/cabaret performance depending on which competition you enter.
  • The competitions are open to all convention attendees.
  • The performance time of each act is a maximum of 12 minutes.
  • The use of "inappropriate" material or "blue" material is discouraged. If such material is presented during the act, if deemed inappropriate by the judges, the act may be interrupted and disqualified.
  • Notification of intent to compete must be received by the competition organiser no later than 5 days prior to the competition date.
  • The competition will not be held unless there is a minimum of three entrants.
  • Due to time constraints it will be necessary to limit the number of entrants to each competition to a manageable number which will be decided by the competition organisers. It is therefore in your best interests to register as soon as possible.
  • Contestants are personally responsible for being aware of these rules. Decisions of the organisers, and the contest judges are all final.




The guidelines that will be given to judges are covered in the following paragraphs. This will help ensure that competitors have a clear understanding of what specific points the judges are looking for in a competitor's performance and so create an even playing field for all competitors.



Entertainment Value

This is indicated by audience reaction and appreciation, and overall enjoyment. Questions to be asked are:

  • How much did the judge feel entertained?
  • Did he/she notice the majority of the audience enjoying the act?
  • Did the competitor get good audience reaction?



Magical Skill

In this category judges should be looking for routining and continuity, professional presentation and technical ability. Questions to be asked are:

  • Were the sleights clean?
  • Was timing of the routines good?
  • Did the competitor use a clever combination of sleights or skills?




This category is about general appearance, appeal and quality of costume, tables and props. Questions to be asked are:

  • Did the competitor make an effort to look professional?
  • Did the competitor dress in a fashion to suit his/her act?
  • Was the stage layout of props pleasing?
  • Was everything clean?



Magical Content

This category is about the use of original material, inventive presentation or routining to include new presentations of standard effects. Questions to be asked are:

  • Was there good variety in the performer's act?
  • How original was the routine?
  • Was there any new magic in the act?
  • Did the act have good synergy?
  • Were there any good classic routines?
  • Was the judge fooled by anything?




This category is about personality, poise, confidence, professionalism, and ability to connect with audience. Questions to be asked are:

  • How confident was the performer?
  • Did the performer communicate with the audience clearly?
  • Did the performer treat the volunteers with due respect?
  • Did the performer have charisma?
  • Could the performer communicate his humour well with the audience?




Scores will be calculated as follows:

  • Each of the five categories will be marked out of ten. A weighting factor to be agreed by the judging panel prior to the competition may be applied to each of the categories.
  • The participant with the highest total score will win the competition. Scores will not be announced.
  • In the event that the highest scores are below the standard set for first place then the organizers reserve the right to not award the relevant trophy.




  • Judges will be selected by the competition organiser.
  • Decisions of the judges are final.
  • Judges have the option of discussing an individual's performance in detail with the participant after the competition is over. It is recommended that the judges' comments be helpful in nature and directed toward improving future performance.
  • Winners will be announced at a prize giving ceremony in the Hotel on Sunday night a the close of the convention.


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