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I.B.M. Ring No 85

About I.B.M. Ring 85

About I.B.M. Ring 85
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IBM Ring 85 was formed in May 1949, through the joint efforts of, what was then the only two magical Societies in Ireland; The 'Society of Irish Magicians' (SIM) in Dublin and the 'Ulster Society of Magicians' (USM) in Belfast.

Ring No 85, also known as 'The Irish Ring' draws its membership from the whole of the Island. Throughout the years it has maintained close links with all the other magical societies in Ireland.

The Ring 85 Annual Convention is held in May and each year is hosted by one of the local magical societies on a tri-annual basis. This takes it to Belfast (hosted by the Ulster Society of Magicians), Dublin (hosted by the Society of Irish Magicians) and Limerick (hosted by the Munster Society of Magicians).

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